Twenty-four goals for 2024

If you really want to kill New Year’s vibes, you could be that person who points out that the new year is just another day on the calendar. No reason to expect Jan 1 to be markedly different from Dec 31 any more than you would expect it to be markedly different from Jan 2.  And […]

Younger consumers are more sober curious than ever

In the Gen Z and Millennial demographics, a sobriety shift took hold in 2019. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, “sober curious” was knocked off course because, as we all know by now, drinking increased during pandemic. As the world has settled into a new normal, interest in sobriety has also returned to pre-pandemic levels. […]

Korean food and All Friends: BFFs

Korean food is growing in popularity among Americans. According to Datassential, many of its dishes, including bulgogi, Korean BBQ and Korean fried chicken, are in the adoption or proliferation stages. Newer to the scene are dishes like bibimbap, banchan and gochujang. We designed All Friends Beverage to complement the most on-trend, flavorful cuisine being sold […]

The hidden powers of fruit

Everyone knows fruit is “good for you.” Most of us have a general sense of the things that make them so, but do we really know the specifics? They have vitamins and minerals. Fiber too right? Surely there’s some antioxidants involved as well. The fact is, the best thing to do is eat fruit often […]

How to leverage your customers’ sweet tooth

It’s not news that sugar intake has decreased over the last decade. A combination of factors contributes to this decline, including better labeling and consumer awareness, public health campaigns and dietary trends.  That said, sugar hasn’t completely fallen out of favor. In fact, it’s nearly a guarantee that if you’re operating a restaurant/bar/bakery/café/c store, most […]

Everyone likes it “swicy”

Given America’s love affair with sugar, perhaps it was only a matter of time before sweetness worked its way into every aspect of the American culinary experience. A few years ago, it was the sweet and salty trend that took hold. No one dared publish a chocolate chip cookie recipe that didn’t end with a […]

Electrolytes: not just for athletes!

It’s a scene we’ve all watched on television at some point in our lives. Smiling athletes celebrating in a locker room, soaked jerseys clinging to their skin. They’re crying happy tears and maybe chanting a boastful phrase originally conjured up in the stands. At this point in the celebration, they’re wiping champagne out of their […]

Aseptic packaging is the sustainable choice

Wildfire smoke in New York City. Frequent extreme weather events. Marine plastic pollution. Shrinking ice glaciers. Rising sea levels. These are just a few of the indicators that we are in the midst of a climate emergency. As an individual, it’s easy to look at these conditions and feel helpless. As an organization, it’s imperative […]

Get a natural boost from B Vitamins in All Friends Beverage

Lots of people are hyper focused on individual ingredients and how they affect us. They feel the need to distill everything down to a seemingly simple equation. Carbs bad. Protein good. Fiber good. Sugar bad. Calories in. Calories out. But ask any dietitian, and they will tell you that health really isn’t that simple for […]

Consumers love cold beverages- especially refreshers

Temps are rising. Shorts and tanks are being deployed. Outdoor dining sections are opening up. There is a clear cause-effect relationship here. When the temps start rising, we start showing our limbs and dining outdoors. In Chicago, it’s a great awakening, and there is no better time to be a resident of this fair city […]