Get a natural boost from B Vitamins in All Friends Beverage

Lots of people are hyper focused on individual ingredients and how they affect us. They feel the need to distill everything down to a seemingly simple equation. Carbs bad. Protein good. Fiber good. Sugar bad. Calories in. Calories out.

But ask any dietitian, and they will tell you that health really isn’t that simple for most of us. Moderation is best. Treats are okay. And depending on a lot of factors, calories in-calories out doesn’t always equal the results you’re looking for.

If you’re going to focus on anything, it’s better to focus on getting the right combination of vitamins and minerals from what you put into your body. Doing that can lead to a better overall health profile.

What are B Vitamins

One great place to start is with B vitamins. They are easy to get and even minor changes in your diet can yield a big jump in your B vitamin stats. B Vitamins help the body:

  • Maintain normal metabolism
  • Make healthy blood cells
  • Nervous system work properly
  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol

Ask your healthcare provider to do a full blood panel that includes a B vitamin assessment. If you’re deficient, talk to your doctor about the best course of action to address it.

Common sources of B Vitamins

B vitamin deficiencies are rare because they are so abundant in whole foods, but they are still critical to overall health. One can take B Vitamin supplements, but the best source is always from the food you eat.

Most animal products have abundant B Vitamins, such as salmon, beef, poultry, dairy and eggs. Non-animal sources of B vitamins are harder to come by, but whole grain, beans, peanuts and leafy greens are a great source of them, particularly of B9 (aka folate). Finally, many foods are fortified with B Vitamins.

B Vitamins vs. Caffeine

People with a B Vitamin deficiency tend to feel a general sense of fatigue, weakened muscles and delayed reflexes. Often, when you report these symptoms to a doctor versed in functional medicine, they will test your B Vitamin levels. If you’re deficient, they may recommend anything from a daily vitamin to B vitamin injections– as well as changes in your diet.

Getting an optimal amount of B Vitamins in your diet means you’ll have energy. The energy you feel when you have a healthy level of B Vitamins is a natural one. Unlike caffeine, when you eat food rich in B Vitamins, you won’t experience jitters or a crash. It’s a natural feeling of being rested and alert.

B Vitamins and All Friends Beverage

We infused All Friends with B vitamins to give a natural boost of energy in each serving. Each flavor has B3, B5, B6 and B12, all of which have been show to combine to increase energy without caffeine.

The average beverage you find at the soda fountain rarely contains any of these ingredients. On the rare occasion that they do, they often have lots of sugar, artificial ingredients, colors and flavors.

That’s why health conscious Gen Z and Millennial consumers are skipping the soda fountain. For customers looking for a treat to spice up their meal, All Friends offers a tasty better-for-you option with a natural energy boost.

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