Younger consumers are more sober curious than ever

In the Gen Z and Millennial demographics, a sobriety shift took hold in 2019. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, “sober curious” was knocked off course because, as we all know by now, drinking increased during pandemic.

As the world has settled into a new normal, interest in sobriety has also returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Being sober curious is not the same as being sober. A person who is sober completely abstains from drinking alcohol because they’ve developed (or are at risk of developing) alcohol abuse disorder.

Sober curious people, on the other hand, choose to limit their alcohol intake. The reasons for why people limit their alcohol intake vary widely.

Some people do it to lose weight. Others do it to improve their overall health. Others do it in solidarity with a friend or partner who is trying to cut back for their own reasons.

One of the most popular reasons people become sober curious is to take part in the annual ritual of Dry January. By now we all know that that is: cutting back on alcohol in the month of January, usually in response to an overindulgent holiday season.

Sober Curious, but make it fun

Gen Z and Millennial consumers are now more sober curious than ever. Younger consumers are challenging the traditional notion that alcohol is a necessary component of socializing.

That doesn’t mean these young consumers aren’t still looking for a unique beverage experience. The key to sustaining sober curiosity is to find mocktails that still feel like a treat.

Lucky for you, we developed All Friends with the treat-seeker in mind.

The water drinker looking to spice up dinner, the athlete looking for a boost of electrolytes, and yes, the sober curious looking for something “fun” to drink.

Each of our beverage infusions mixes well with other beverages you already love, and with other infusions in the AF lineup.

Lemonade for a zero-proof base

If there’s a beverage that says “summer” more than lemonade, we haven’t tasted it. But it’s also the launching pad for dozens of tasty, zero-proof options.

The classic Arnold Palmer is a safe bet for your sober curious summer brunch or lunch date. For a more unique flavor profile, spice up the Arnold Palmer by adding lemonade to All Friends Blueberry Chai. Equal parts black tea, All Friends Blueberry Chai and Lemonade will pique the interest of the sober curious with the addition of sparkling water– because bubbles.

Strawberry and Ginger beverage infusions for the win

The “mule” is a popular bar staple that works well for the sober curious customer. The All Friends Pineapple Ginger Beverage Infusion makes a great mule with the addition of ginger beer, sparkling water, and mint for garnish.

A Strawberry Hibiscus Fizz, (a gin fizz sans gin plus an AF boost), is another great way to keep your sober curious streak alive. 

Mango Chili Beverage Infusion

If alcohol-free is a big trend, the global flavors trend is even bigger. Consumers are demanding unique flavor combinations at every meal. The AF Mango Chili Beverage Infusion will satisfy that craving.

One of our favorite ways to use Mango Chili is in a “mangonada.” Combine AF Mango Chili beverage infusion, Tajin, and Hot Sauce and you’ve got a Latin flavor bomb that you’ll keep coming back for.Let your inner mixologist have fun with all of our All Friends beverage infusions. There are so many options, and the outcome is sure to be irresistible.

All Friends Blueberry Chai Glass
All Friends Mango Chili Glass
All Friends Strawberry Hibiscus Glass
All Friends Pineapple Ginger Glass